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3. We won the auction now what?

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Esta oportunidad de inversion es recomendada para las personas que desean comprar en subasta y revender en subasta. Y es solo para miembros de nuestras membresías.


Find the vehicle in Copart  o IAA using the advanced search fields found on each auction's home page to quickly find the vehicle of your choice.

You can search for cars for sale by vehicle type, year, make, model, title type, vehicle location, and more. You can also use the 'Quick Picks', search by lot number or simply search by your own criteria using the advanced search.
On the search results page, click on the vehicle description and it will take you to the vehicle information page. There, you can find information about mileage, title type, primary damage, etc. You can view vehicle images on search results pages or on the vehicle information page by clicking on
"Auction Location", you will be provided with the address where the vehicle is located.

Once you are a member of our elite you will have communication with our customer service team to which you will send the list of vehicles you chose and they will return it to you with their respective carfax and MMR reports totally free.

At the moment of receiving them you must discard the unwanted vehicles and in this way you will obtain your list of possible purchases in the auction, finally, you proceed to send the maximum amount that you wish to bid for each vehicle and we will auction them for you.

Do not be strictly guided by the images and information provided on the website. Vehicle information provided by auction or this website is for your convenience only. Buyers will not rely on vehicle information to decide whether or how much to bid on a vehicle offered for sale through an auction or this website. It is Buyer's sole responsibility to determine, confirm, research, inspect and/or investigate vehicles and all Vehicle Information prior to bidding.


We remind you that:


This means that you are purchasing the vehicles "with all faults" and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, so it is very important that you inspect the vehicles before bidding.


In the car buying and selling industry there are risks just as in other industries. So each person must be responsible for their investment and invested capital.

For this reason Spa Cars Reseller  and its affiliates are not responsible for the state of the vehicle after the purchase is made.

auction request

Be sure to check with your local DMV before purchasing a salvage-titled vehicle for accepted vehicle documents and the procedure needed to obtain a rebuilt title. Vehicles are sold with the documents with which they are advertised. If there is a Make or Brand on the vehicle you select, you will be responsible for that Make or Brand. All vehicle titles are reassigned to the person who is registered on our site. Under no circumstances will we reassign it to someone other than the person of record.

Fee de Brokers solo para Miembro All Star


For purchases up to $5,999 



For purchases from $6,000 to $9,999



For purchases $10,000 to $15,999



 For larger purchases $16,000


Send an email to bid@spareseller.com
Make the request to auction. In the mail you must include confirmation of payment of 10% of the value of the vehicle + the Brokers Fee as a security deposit to then proceed to bid for it. 
– Current ID of the person making the purchase. 

Note: Payment will be fully refunded only in case of not winning the auction. 


Once you win a vehicle auction, you need to know the sale status of the vehicle. If selling "with minimum bid" or "with approval", the seller has until 9pm PST the next business day to respond to your offer.

We won the auction now what?

Congratulations, you won the auction.

As soon as your vehicle is awarded, you will receive an email with said notification.

The invoice will be sent to you with the amount to be paid, which will reflect the total value of the vehicle + the broker fee + the corresponding auction fee for the value of the vehicle.

Payment must be made to Spa Cars Reseller, through the different payment methods. Confirm with our office.

After receiving the notification and invoice. Once you make the payment, you must send us an email with your name, batch number, amount of the payment you are sending and the bank receipt.

If you are sending from someone else's account or a business account, please include your name in your email. You CANNOT pay in any auction. You have two (2) business days from the date of sale to pay in full before the auction charges late fees. If you do not pay for the vehicle within seven (7) calendar days (including the date of sale), your purchase will be forfeited. After that, you will lose your security deposit and have to pay a sales cancellation fee. “BUY IT NOW” purchases must be paid for on the day of purchase or you will be charged the late payment fee.

Once you pay for the vehicle and we have received your documents, we will email you a vehicle release authorization, so you can send a transport company to pick up the vehicle, you CANNOT pick up the purchased vehicle yourself. Also, please do not send anyone to pick it up without our release authorization.

Transport or Crane: We have a transportation service throughout the United States, if you wish to request our service, contact one of our representatives to receive a quote. We guarantee a good service and much cheaper than the transport suggested by the auctions.

If the vehicle is not picked up within three (3) calendar days, including the purchase, the storage or storage fee must be paid according to the policies of each auction. If you do not remove the vehicles from the yard within 30 days, it will be considered abandoned and you will forfeit the vehicle payment and any fees paid, and removal fees may be charged, if applicable.

Clean title vehicles or clean titles: Please go to step number 4 Sales Management.

Branded or marked vehicles: 

If your vehicle is title branded or marked you are responsible for qualifying for a rebuild inspection and for repairing the vehicle for that inspection.

If you are in Florida

Rebuild inspections will be performed only by our trusted supplier. Buyer is responsible for meeting requirements such as parts invoices and repair order. The buyer can carry out the repairs at his trusted suppliers. In addition, Spa Cars Inc's repair center located in Miami, Florida is available to provide repair estimates and complete rebuild management. Once the vehicle is ready for inspection, you must request the appointment for inspection through sales@spareseller.com. By email you will receive the instructions for the appointment and the invoice to pay.

If you are out of Florida 

You must follow your city and state regulations regarding these types of vehicles, meet the requirements, and submit the vehicle for inspection. The Sales Management department will contact you to provide the vehicle documents. Please go to step number 4 Sales Management.

Do not hesitate to consult our frequently asked questions or contact us if you have any questions at servi@spareseller.com or write to Whatsapp (786)-636.9449 Our customer service team will help you with all your queries. Also, please read the Terms and Conditions before deciding to participate in Reseller Auctions.

sales management 

If you already have the vehicle repaired and it is ready to send it to auction for sale, we can manage the transfer of your vehicle with our safe and economic transport partners.

The auction has a sales fee of $400 and Spa Cars Reseller  a fee of $200 (if you are a member of our membership the sales fee for Spa Cars Auto Sales is $0)

When making wholesale sales, you should not pay taxes.

The vehicle will remain in the dealer's name. Spa Cars Reseller until we assign it to its new buyer at the auction.

We do not have temporary license plates since these can only be assigned to the final buyers of the vehicle

Once the vehicle is up for auction, we will take care of requesting the photos (which have a value of $35), the CR inspection or condition report (value of $20) and a number to run in the auction which is only one day a week that depends on the auction where the vehicle has been sent.

We will inform you once everything is finalized and we will request the minimum amount you wish to obtain for the vehicle.

We look forward to the auction day and we will keep you informed about any news regarding the sale.

We want to congratulate you because you have become an auction vehicle seller of our team, you are welcome. 

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